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Lipson Robotics

Now we know how WALL-E felt when he first saw Eve.

Under the Lipson Robotics label, David Lipson makes robots mostly from found materials, transforming colanders, bike gears, meters, shower heads, Twinings tea boxes, gadgets, tools, and doodads into instantly lovable figures. They won't clean your floor, bring you your paper, or scratch your back. They should, however, bring you a great deal of pleasure as an art piece.

Mr. Lipson is a New Yorker who directs and produces animation when he's not expanding his robotics line. He also has created Big Eye Dummies, funny plush dolls with mouths and eyes that can be moved around.

You can see his work in person at the Animazing Gallery, 54 Greene [Broome] 212.226.7374, online at Flickr, Facebook, and at Mr. Lipson's website.

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