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Little Birdie
Plus: Hump Day

Nice idea: connect emerging designers with people looking for a fashion edge.

That's the mission of the just-launched Little Birdie, the brainchild of New Yorker Carrie Loewenthal, who has sold luxury accessories to department stores. Realizing that indie designers had a tough time getting their work in front of people who would appreciate what they do, she saw a way to bridge that gap.

Each week, people who sign up for the Little Birdie newsletter get a dossier on a clothing or accessories designer, providing background, images, and – click – a section to purchase what you see.

Ms. Lowenthal says that if someone asks where they got a piece of clothing or jewelry, the answer should be "a Little Birdie told me."

MUG… now with more Hump Day.

From Brett Leveridge of BRETTnews and Cladrite Designs: Cladrite Radio, featuring 'Memorable Music from 1925-1955. Their website is here; you can stream it at Live 365.

More music, this one for indie fans looking for up-and-coming bands. Stage 4 - Alternative.

Did you say better bacon? Yes, we want to go to there. Thank you, Zingerman's.

Another example of 3D pavement art, this one in Ireland.

Brooklyn Banks, the legendary skateboarding spot, is gone as of next Friday, though it may reopen in 2014.

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