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Logitech Mouse

They've built a better mouse. Logitech's MX 700 Mouse has such clever features that all mice should have them.

It's cordless.

It works with a PC or Mac.

It's got a scroll wheel.

There are forward and back buttons for Internet browsing.

It has something called Cruise Control: two buttons, above and below the scroll wheel, that scroll up and down long web pages or documents.

Another button allows quick switching between applications.

Cordless mice are notoriously battery hungry. Logitech solves this by making the batteries rechargeable in the accompanying base (and it charges quickly).

Finally, all the buttons are customizable. Any of the buttons can be set to, among other things, perform keystrokes, open a document, or eject a CD.

It's $69.95 at J & R, CompUSA, et al.
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