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Looking Good

As Holly Golightly says in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion."

Go Lightly
Go Lightly is the name of Jenny Gering's consultation business. Ms. Gering is a TV and film fashion stylist who has worked for ten years on feature films with Angelina Jolie, Tea Leoni, Patricia Arquette, Ewan McGregor and Ben Stiller. You can have your own 'what not to wear' consultation with Ms. Gering, who will come to your home and whip the contents of your closet into a fashionable repertoire. A one-hour consultation is $100 an hour this month (normally $150) and Ms. Gering says a three-hour consultation is usually the most effective. For more information, call 212.352.1153.

Peak Performance
Joe Dowdell is one of the city's top fitness experts. Peak Performance, 54 W. 21st [5th/6th] 212.229.3670, his strength and conditioning center, is a state-of-the-art, limited-membership gym. This is not a place to buy a latte, read the paper, and spend a few minutes on a stationary bike. If you're serious about getting into shape and want a lot of first-rate coaching, Peak Performance is as good as it gets in the city. More info at www.peakperformancenyc.com.

Another expert on exercise and movement is Jennifer Kries, who developed an integrated Pilates method incorporating yoga and dance. It's taught at her studio called Balance, 414 W. 14th [9th/10th] 212.414.2922, www.balancenyc.com. If you purchase a series class card now ($200), you get 10 classes of your choice plus one private Pilates session free (an $80 added value). Balance is also offering an unlimited summer mat class card for $500.

Armani cosmetics
Created with British makeup artist Pat McGrath, the line has won raves for the ultra-sophisticated colors (they're much subtler than Ms. McGrath's runway work), the Micro-fil technology which gives an especially smooth appearance, and the gorgeously understated packaging. Available at Armani, 760 Mad [70th/71st] 212.988.9191, and at Saks.
As The Onion headline said, "U.S. Dentists Can't Make Nation's Teeth Any Damn Whiter." Still, Crest Night Effects is the latest in thebright whites, big city quest for perfectly white teeth. ("Will you finally be satisfied?" The Onion asked. "Of course not. Then you'll want clear teeth.") You paint the Crest gunk on with a small brush, let it set for 30 seconds, and then turn in for the night. Fourteen days later, you're done. Painless, though not especially attractive looking while it's on your teeth. It's about $15, at drugstores around town.

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