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Lotta Jansdotter

We're fans of Scandinavian-born, Brooklyn-based Lotta Jansdotter, so we were happy to learn about her new book, due shortly from Chronicle Books, called Lotta Prints: How to Print with Anything, from Potatoes to Linoleum. It's cool DIY for those of us who weren't born with a fine hand.

As always, her website has lots of great bags….

…plus fabric, stationery, napkins, aprons, journals, and more.

You can find the designer at Fort Greene's new Sunday flea market launching April 6th at the Bishop Loughlin schoolyard at 176 Lafayette Avenue [Clermont/Vanderbilt]. Ms. Jansdotter will be on hand then and for the next three Sundays.

Any guesses as to how many digital TVs Americans were bought last year? 30 million. That means there are going to be millions of sets tossed out and only 12% will be recycled. Sony has recently stepped up to the plate by creating the first "TV Take-Back Program" in this country. But many other manufacturers have been slow to follow Sony's lead. Take Back My TV is a website that advocates for responsible handling of electronic waste, providing a simple way to let electronics CEOs know how you feel about the issue. In all of New York state, they only have three companies that are part of the responsible recycling program (one is in Mt. Vernon, another in Hudson). But it's a start.


Granted, the devil is in the details. But are you generally in favor or generally opposed to the Mayor's congestion pricing plan?


Yes, I'm in favor of a congestion pricing plan.


No, I oppose a congestion pricing plan.

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