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Love Adorned

Mayor LaGuardia was so anti-pinball that he liked to take a sledgehammer to the machines (for the cameras ) and send the games into the East River. He had pinball banned in the city in 1941, a law which stayed in effect until 1976. Other quirky laws: It wasn't until 2003 that the state allowed stores to sell liquor on Sunday. And it took until 1997 for the ban on tattooing to be finally lifted.

Lori Leven knows this well because she opened her tattoo parlor, New York Adorned, before it was legal, so it had to be hidden in back by a jewelry store front.

The tattooing business is still thriving, but so is the former front, now spinoff, Love Adorned, 269 Elizabeth St. [Houston/ Prince] 212.431.5683. It showcases jewelry by Ms. Leven and by designers including Lauren Wolf, Nick Potash, Manon and Lola Brooks. There's plenty to see besides the attractive jewelry, including beaded door hangings, kaleidoscope glasses, cutting boards and sage smudge sticks.

With its primo selection of merchandise, lots of natural light and creative display, Ms. Leven proves that being a scofflaw can sometimes lead to great things.


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