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Love Lane

Love Lane, which runs from Henry Street to Hicks, one block north of Pierrepont in Brooklyn Heights, may not be the most romantic place in the city, though it may have once been.

According to the Times from 1894, "The oldest residents can remember a time when there was a cool and shady path leading down 'Lovers' Lane,' where the plump, rosy-cheeked Dutch maidens, with their sweethearts, meandered on Summer evenings out through the turnstile and down the grassy bank to the water's edge."

In a time-honored cycle, what was probably first an Indian trail eventually became the Love Lane Mews condos.

Should you be looking for rosy-cheeked Dutch maidens, you may find them strolling on the Promenade, or along a grassy bank at the water's edge in Brooklyn Bridge Park, or with their sweethearts at DUMBO's Almondine.

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