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Made in Brooklyn

Artist Margaux Lange's fascination with Barbie took a turn somewhere, crafting fabulous jewelry made of disembodied Barbies in her Brooklyn, N.Y. workshop. A hand dangles from a sterling silver lariat necklace, those deer-in-headlights eyes peer out from earrings and the doll's perma-smile gets encased in a ring of red resin. It might be something for you; then again, it might something for the SVU.

The world of hooded-sweatshirt design seemed frozen at the skulls-and-rhinestones stage there for a while, but Headhoods' designs are wildly different and completely cool. The big idea: A head other than yours is printed on the side of each hood, and you can choose from the iconic mugs of Elvis, Audrey Hepburn, King Kong, a creepy clown, and more. They're all hand-printed in Brooklyn, N.Y. on American Apparel sweats and they cost about $60 a pop. Guaranteed to prompt double-takes.

What happens when a fashion stylist and a cartographer put their heads together and go green? In the case of Rachel Rheingold and Michael Berick, they create Maptotes, a line of canvas bags screened with sweetly retro maps of places like Los Angeles, Portland and Brooklyn, N.Y. (their own home turf). The totes are ecologically friendly, the prints are reminiscent of the dishtowels and cotton aprons of the 1930s and '40s, and the whole thing will set you back a mere $15.


• [Re: MUG's recommendation of Patrick McMurray's book on oysters and his Toronto restaurant] "Just happened to be going to Toronto this past weekend. Was able to get reservation at Starfish on Sunday evening. BEST oysters I've ever had. Razor clams were great, too. VERY popular restaurant."

• "Don't know how you found it but The Man in Seat 61 is one of the most useful websites I've ever come across. Thanks for sharing…"

• "I'm a big fan of Joe's daily pictures. Especially so that they're normally just slice of life shots or interesting hidden views or just a different angle on what we see every day. But today's View from Brooklyn is stunning. It looks and feels like a painting. I sort of feel that because he's normally not about the panoramic, scenic view type of shot, that it's particularly impressive. But even if that's not the reason, it's really cool."

• [On book sharing] "I'm surprised that in today's spotlight, you overlooked www.bookcrossing.com—it's good for the environment and your karma!"

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