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Some of the city's pixie dust disappeared when Flosso-Hornmann, the oldest magic store in the world (it could trace its roots back to the 1860s in Essen, Germany), closed up their store on 34th Street in 2000. F-H exists, to an extent, at a website,, but it isn't the same as having Jack Flosso demonstrate a trick you're interested in purchasing.

Fortunately, Tannen's, 24 W. 25th [Bway/6th] 212.929.4500,, hasn't pulled a disappearing act. They're bricks and mortar, as they have been since 1929. You can still buy the old standbys and newer ones like the Healed and Sealed Soda: an empty and crushed soda can slowly heals itself, reseals the top, and when you open it, soda pours out. Cool.

You can find magic tricks at Abracadabra, 19 W. 21st [5th/6th] 212.627.5194,, which also sells costumes, props, and novelties.

The last time we were in Flosso-Hornmann, we asked Mr. Flosso for his recommendation of a good book for kids who want to learn magic. He chose Now You See It, Now You Don't — The Amazing World of Optical Illusions by Seymour Simon.

Two of the best choices for seeing magic in the city:

Magician Steve Cohen resumes his highly acclaimed parlor magic show at the Waldorf Towers, 100 E. 50th [Park] 917.361.8751, on August 1st (and Friday nights thereafter). In a suite at the towers, with no more than 35 people in the room, Mr. Cohen performs his special brand of legerdemain. Kenneth Silverman, a biographer of Harry Houdini, says of Mr. Cohen's show, "Some of the smoothest, cleverest, funniest, most baffling magic you'll ever see. Steve Cohen is one of the real originals." Tickets are $52 each.

At the Soho Playhouse, 15 Vandam [Varick/6th] 212.615.6432, "Monday Night Magic" is a staple, with a new show and performers every week. You can expect everything from card tricks to knife-throwing. Advance tickets are $29.50.

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