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About Rube Goldberg

· You're probably not aware, but "Cog" and its brethren are all the progeny of a 30-minute, 1987 German art film called "The Way Things Go."

· I subscribe to MUG, and enjoy it everyday, but I don't think your choiceof including the 1963 game of mousetrap was the best decision. It justperpetuates the negative side of humanity. There are so many othergames that you could have chosen within your theme that actuallyencourage and foster positive outcomes such as streetcar, a-MAZE-inglabyrinth, ghoulash and drakon. It's strange that a game has been created to mimic the effects of trapping and killing an animal? What a horrible re-enactment for children. The cover of the game actually shows a frightened mouserunning for his life. To some, trapping mice might be a necessity, butdo we really need to create a children's game about it? Why can't wecreate games where compassion is the goal, and treating people andanimals with kindness is the lesson learned. The game was made in thepast, so let's keep it there.

About Cheese, Bread, and What to Drink with What You Eat

· Great article on cheese today [but] don't forget the Silver Moon Bakery for locally made, delicious bread!

About Newww.York

· Perhaps you should suggest they rename the site "Hot Guys Alert" you promoted in the October 20 issue "Hot White Guys Alert" …geez, where's the beautiful rainbow of colors in this world??

About Hayenous

· Applause! Applause! This is a particularly valuable MUG. Thanks!

· I'm crushed. Those two stores make up the bulk of my wardrobe. I guess it's time for a new look! Thanks for the info.

· How silly. I guess I can't eat potatoes anymore since they're grown in Idaho which voted for George Bush. Or is it I can't drink Pinot Noir since California voted for Kerry. But then again I'd be a bit intense if I grew up in a household where my choice of morning juice was based on politics rather than flavor. And I bet you drive a Japanese or German car even though they tried to destroy freedom years ago. And use oil from Saudi Arabia which subjegates [sic] women and religion. Yet a tee shirt is your focus. Grow up.

About Quiz

· Your quiz got me looking into Toots Shor and came upon his granddaughter's film.

About 10, 11, 13

· Very entertaining newsletter today! 11:11 is purportedly "angel time." People have said that when a minor miracle happens in their lives and they happen to glance at a clock, BINGO, it's 11:11.

About Joe's NYC

· I have a feeling there are many besides myself who appreciate the creative and beautiful photos that appear with each issue of MUG. They are one of the first things I see every morning and more than once have been sped off to the desktop as an inspiring background.

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