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I couldn't agree more about most of what you say about DiPalo's. However, they definitely could do a lot better in the salumi department. There are a number of outstanding Italian-style products being made in this country the way small producers make them in Italy; with meat from properly raised pigs, without additives, etc. Salumeria Biellese is, in fact, now producing many salumi from heritage breeds, but there is also La Quercia from Iowa which is excellent, as well as Fra'Mani, which can be very good, but uses conventionally raised meat, I believe. [Ed: They use no antibiotics and vegetarian feeds.] DiPalo's could certainly do better and I wish they would! Perhaps you can put in a good word with Louis?

Re: CabaretCory Jamison comes to NYC very infrequently, but I saw her in Chicago at Davenport's in support of her new album. Her live performance of Something Cool was one of the best moments of live theatre I've had many years. As is often the case, this album doesn't represent her at her best but nonetheless there are some samples here.

Re: Mint… Thank you so much for sending this! I have not been able to comprehend why people love Zipcar so much, when every time I've tried to use it, the car has been filthy (really disgusting) and there has always been some kind of issue, whether it's that some light is on, or something doesn't work, etc. etc. I'm looking forward to checking out Mint – here's to hoping that they can do a better job than Zipcar, the most overrated service in NYC!

The London potato chips [See Radar section] bit is just too funny. I'm in London myself right now, and had thought about sending in a picture just like that! Those strange flavors are all the rage here, at least in the vending machines. I may like potato chips (crisps, here) and I may love lamb with mint jelly. But I draw the line at lamb-and-mint-flavored potato chips!

Claude's, the best croissant bakery in the Village, on West 4th between Sixth and Seventh Ave, did not close with Claude's retirement and return to France. (Claude told me "I'm sixty years old. Don't you think after working all these years I deserve to retire?") His assistant baker (don't know his name) [Ed: Pablo] spruced up the bakery and is the new proprietor. It's calmer without Claude but the recipes have not been altered.

Re: Donors Choose… I want to thank you for sending out the request to donate to Ms. T's classroom. In the past, I wouldn't have thought twice about donating $100-$200 towards something like this. However, the past year has been very tight, and I've felt like I've been powerless to contribute towards causes that so desperately need it. Seeing that other people were contributing to Ms. T's class, as a group of concerned citizens, reminded me that I COULD help, even if it was only a small amount (even $10) and that it would make a difference. Thank you for reminding me that I can still help in some way until things get better for me financially.

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