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About Jumel Terrace:
· I was thrilled to see your article about the Morris-Jumel mansion…It is a little gem. The outdoor jazz concert held every summer is not to be missed. People bring picnics and lounge all day in the shade. Some of the best jazz musicians in the city participate and there is a really friendly vibe.

· Madame Jumel also left some tracks at a house in Peapack, NJ, which was a part of the Beneficial Insurance estate…She also led quite the social life in August, taking the waters and probably making a wager or two at the casino or horse track in Saratoga Springs, NY. She was a very colorful, very vibrant part of local history.

About Lever House:
· I just came across the wonderful piece you wrote about the Lever House a couple of years ago. I had to laugh about the comments you made about the bar top and bar stools as being a bit of a hazard… and they were dead on. You will be happy to know that we replaced both the bar stools and the bar top (still both designed by Marc Newson). But now you can safely sit on the bar stools after a few martinis and not fall over! And as a bonus, we eliminated the ill-conceived ledge on the bar (maybe that was to give you something to hold onto when sliding off the barstool). Now you won't spill your martinis when you slide them across the bar.
John Cassanos
General Manager

About Daily Candy:
· Best MUG ever.

· Okay, for the tough love part: Your occasional bitching about Daily Candy is childish…Give your readers and fans more credit than you currently are: we are smart enough to know that Daily Candy is by no means in your class…So chill out people.

· Don't know how you've missed out on Kelli Rae Powell ( and the Ukuladies (no website yet, I'm afraid). They played an all-ukulele night last night in Greenpoint, and it was awesome. Kelli's just great (check "Craggy Shuffle" on her website to be impressed!), but the Ukuladies are a sister act — two beauties playing ukes and singing while a third does tap dancing, percussion, and props. Last night, they distributed at various times bacon, frosted cookies, scratch-off tickets (I won $4), and champagne (for the "Tiny Bubbles" finale). Check. Them. Out.

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