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Plus: the skint

Readers weigh in.

Bally Total Fitness:
Great tip. I have found the fitness business to be pretty shifty in general,off-putting membership sales tactics and all. And I say this as a former marketing manager of a prominent gym brand. Another good tip about gym contracts: a gym MUST cancel any new contract with a full refund and no additional charges if requested within 3 days of signing. This is the law and many gyms talk around it or try to bs you but it is stated on all contracts - look at the light fine print on the back of the contract triplicate form (make sure you receive a copy to keep when you sign up). They definitely make you jump through some paperwork hoops and you have to be diligent about following up with the right office staff, who may still try to fast talk you, but it can be done. I changed my mind about a Gold's Gym membership several years ago, and kudos to them for not giving me too hard a time with it.

Next to Normal:
[A brief thumbs down from us prompted a lot of mail about the show]
• I think it's a very good show, and given the current intellectual standard on Broadway I think it's a great show, but I appreciate your honesty!

• Do I ever agree! not only completely phony but a repetitive score, loud and boring without the slightest nuance; straw men characters, progressively worsening until in the 2nd act when even manic depression was given a bad name, and a 'when was this ever going to end' kind of feeling…. and isn't it Broadway as usual when the lives of each and all are neatly tied up and given feel good endings (happy or not quite)?

• Are you sure you're saying exactly what you mean? If you do mean that the entire enterprise is illegitimate, then I think you have to explain why you feel that way. Just dropping a bomb like "phony to the core" is provocative without being enlightening.
[A fair point. We're considering a longer explanation.]

Repair Clinic:
Best post ever! This is why I love you.

Notify NYC
I actually hadn't thought about it much until I saw MUG this AM and I suddenly thought: CELL PHONES [on United 93]? No f***g way! Poked around, saw links (never trustworthy on 9/11 matters, but…) Without looking deeper: I think they all used AIRPHONES and we – not remembering a world w/o iPods – automatically think there were cells too.

Up Next:
[re Paul Aaron Johnson's photography show from yesterday's article] I never knew! 'Lenticular' is what I always called "magic motion."

Neighborhood Faves
I love love love that you love my favorite salad in the universe: [Joe Allen's] La Scala salad. Hoorah to MUG. MUG is its own testimonial to those of us who love New York and New Yorker that are quirky, interesting, eclectic, curious, tough-shelled and big-hearted, and for whom the thrill of discovery and trying something new is matched only by sharing it.
[Ed: Awwwwww.]

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

greenhorns' goat spit summer throwdown. farmers, pickles, beer, goat! vermont mkt, carroll gdns, $5 [sat 2-9pm]

'animalia' = fable told largely through heart-stopping aerial trapeze @ skybox, wmsbg, $10-15 [sat 9pm]

80 trombone players + organ + soprano sound out through the gugg's rotunda playing henry brant's 1979 'orbits.' free [sun 7:30, 8:30pm]

fête de la musique w. yannick noah, coralie clement + more french 'zique. central park summer stage, free [sun 3-7pm]

taschen warehouse sale: score gorgeous books 50-75% off [fri-sun]

the new york aquarium

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