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Re: Shredding
I have looked and looked for an answer to this question unsuccessfully,and you, Obi-MUG, are my last hope. The question. With identity theft being such a growing concern for many, are there ways to go about shredding/burning/obliterating large numbers of documents in NYC? Public incinerators? Shredding services? I would have called Enron, but it's too late for that now.

On Site Shredding, 203.348.7632, will take care of all the incriminating off-book accounts. From a reader: "They sent a truck (on time) with a window so I could watch my stuff being shredded…$120 minimum for two bins…approximately two large suburban garbage bins. Took 10 minutes and my past was history!"

Re: Your report on Laptop Bags
Sooooooo tragically Last Century….and not in that good, retro way… In my hardly humble opinion, backpacks are for children and students; after which, these childish things oughta be put away…

We were looking for comfort over style — but your fellow readers weighed in along the same lines. Some of their suggestions:
-Check these guys out. They may have your much-quested combo City/Laptop bag. I've been using them for over 5 years now and find them very well designed and made.
-Hi there, I just wanted to point out an up and coming laptop bag company. I own the 'back-office' which I think is the most functional laptop bag ever. It's a backpack and a lap-office and you can also carry it by it's super ergonomic handle. It's also made of incredibly durable but lightweight material, and the padding on the shoulder straps keep you cool, so you don't get that nasty backpack sweat in the summer.
-You might be interested in checking out They recently revisited the topic of laptop bags(March 26, 2005). The author's bag of choice is certainly more aesthetic/girly than the bag you reviewed, but sometimes that's what people are lookingfor in a laptop bag.
-For those of us who carry slim laptops and are trying to lighten up, Irecommend the Tote from Medium Design group. The outside pocket works great for cell phones and Blackberrys, too. (Credit is due to Josh Rubin's who turned me onto Medium when they did some sneakers with Dwell Magazine. I wasn't interested in the kicks, but I loved the bag.)
- Also:
Leather Laptop Bag
Skip Hop"I've been using a skip-hop diaper bag as my work/laptop bag for a few months now and it's better than anything I've ever used."

Re: Photography in the subways
I am so pissed off right now. I had a transit police officer tell me yesterday that I could either erase an image I'd just taken of the transformer on GC's track #35, or get arrested. The way that the law is currently written, the transit authority allows for photography provided that you aren't using a tripod, flash or lights, and that you aren't creating a public hazard. He actually told me that simply by people seeing me take pictures would worry them and thus create the public hazard!!! If I wasn't going to visit our sick niece I would have let him arrest me. But then that would have eliminated all chance of getting up to the hospital yesterday. I am seriously considering contacting the ACLU and filing something. I don't give a crap about the picture. I erased it and just took another one when I got back to Grand Central, but the legal interpretation is BS. I for one am not willing to tolerate all the implications of the proposed photo ban set for June, as well as civil liberties and personal freedoms that are potentially compromised by such a loose framing of the law. I keep a print up of the guideline in my bag, and usually you show them this and they go, "Oh, ok. Well, just be sure you don't use your flash or blah blah blah." They play this game where they try to scare you out of your rights and they hope that you aren't aware of your own rights provided by law. This guy yesterday is the first one that has ever claimed to me, knowing full well what my rights are, that merely by people seeing me take pictures is creating a public hazard. I am appalled. Dangerous times. There is something inherently wrong with the system that would allow such ridiculousness. I understand the motivation behind why they want to ban such photography, but until the law is actually in place, it is against the law for them to have done this yesterday. He actually threatened to put me in cuffs, confiscate my camera and disks and "tie them up in paperwork for the next two years."

Our friends over at Gothamist have been doing a good job chronicling this whole sorry story play out.

This presumption of guilt, and the indiscriminate demonization of people and activities reminds us of the end of Act One of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible."
Betty: I saw Martha Bellows with the Devil!
Abigail: I saw Goody Sibber with the Devil!
Putnam: The marshal, I'll call the marshal!
Betty: I saw Alice Barrow with the Devil!
Hale: Let the marshal bring irons!
Abigail: I saw Goody Hawkins with the Devil!
Betty: I saw Goody Bibber with the Devil!
Abigail: I saw Goody Booth with the Devil!
The curtain falls

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