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MUG readers weigh in…

· I read your Specialists email with much interest. I would like to submit one more — The Complete Traveller, 199 Mad [34th/35th] 212.685.9007, the travel and antiquarian bookstore. Shopping there reminds one of the days before Borders and Amazon, and the selection is first-rate. They no longer stock new books; most are collector's items and first editions. They have been around for 30 years while every one of their competitor's has bitten the dust.

· Last of the great game stores in NYC, they've been in the same place for over 30 years: The Compleat Strategist, 11 E. 33rd [5th/Mad] 212.685.3880.

· May I suggest Jan's Hobby Shop, 1435 Lex [93rd/94th] 212.987.4765. It's a treasure and has been around since who knows when.
[Specializes in kits for model-building -Ed.]

· I'm chagrined that you give Murray's and Artisanal credit for carrying those cheeses. What about Fairway? I introduced Uplands to NYC…
Steven Jenkins
[It probably ought to be mandatory that any article on cheese in New York include Fairway. -Ed.]

· Hi MUG,
Not sure if you've posted this one or not, but you must absolutely feature the Live Human Karaoke Experience at the A&M Roadhouse. They started a few years ago…It's really catching on and you now have to get there really early if you want to sing.

· Two good midtown exhibits, both described and linked here.

· Thought you guys might want to know about this since apartment hunting and real estate in general is such a hot topic in Manhattan. I really wanted to avoid paying a broker fee for the 3rd time in 6 years. A friend told me about Listing Square. It's a website that has everything you need to find an apartment in Manhattan on your own completely for free. It was refreshing because there's not all those bogus ads from brokers listing a huge 2BR in Soho for $1800. The only thing on there is apartments directly from the landlord. Exact location. Exact apartment, whether you can have a dog. Southeast exposure. Brick fireplace. Tons of detail for each apt. Even photos of the building and floor plans. So the search part was great…I saw several that were where I wanted to live and in my price range and then the website told me how to go about viewing them…Completely on my own. I was ready with all of my paperwork to qualify because the site tells you everything you'll need for each landlord. I just saved myself at least $3,000 in a broker fee…I feel like I've discovered the best thing since Zipcar.
Food Roundup
Jean Georges keeps four stars [NY Times]
You'll want to eat at A Voce every day [The Strong Buzz]
Croques 'n' tartes at Billburg's Gribouille Patisserie [Salli Vates]
Drouhin vertical tasting [Cravings]
Tri-state Fatburger locator [A Hamburger Today]

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