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— I think you were a bit too tough on Eric Asimov and his Champagne column. After all, most of your very on-target restaurant recommendations are even less affordable to the vast majority of New Yorkers than his Champagne picks.

— Don't forget Gancia Asti. Paolo Pininfarina (Ferrari, Maserati) has designed a new bottle for this sparkling wine from Piedmont. It is $14.

— You were so right about Asimov's column. I looked at the headline and thought "wow… a great idea if affordable." But as you point out, who'll open a $90 bottle on a weeknight just for the fun of it? Thanks for the tips on realistic bubblies. Here's another I found: Gruet. It's around $15 a bottle and I think it's from New Mexico of all places. You won't be disappointed.

— I highly recommend Chandon Blanc de Noir.

Coney Island
— How about the Sideshow? They're both run by Coney Island USA but it would be no trick to go to the museum without knowing to see the sideshow (and vice versa) if one didn't have a heads up.

After a second reader confirmed to us problems with OZOcar's service, MUG no longer recommends this company.

Joe's NYC
— I rarely write letters to editors, but I must say that I have been reading MUG every day for a long while now and today's picture is the best ever—absolutely amazing. I love it. The colors and composition are so intense. It's my new wallpaper.

Neptune Room at 84th and Amsterdam serves delicious oysters, Mon - Friday; 5:30-6:30 for $1.00 each. 1.5 dozen with glass of Rosé is some incredible (early bird) meal.

Duane Reade
— For the next time you want to rant about Duane Reade, you might want to mention the Attorney General's site for Rx price comparisons. DR is consistently one of the priciest.

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