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Re: Summer Reading: If you liked White Mischief and Time and Again, two other great summer (or any season) reads are: The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin and Bangkok 8 by John Burdett.

I don't usually take the time to write letters like this but I just hadto write in and tell you about this amazing and unique service I found.I first read about The Lamp Surgeon, 917.414.0426, in Best of New York Magazine. As I am a very busy, hard working single girl in NYC with barely any time to take care of personal things on my to do lists, I was thrilled to find that this service existed and even more thrilled and impressed with the quality of work, the guarantee on the services and the friendly, kind and talented Roy Schneit. He accommodated my schedule, came to my apartment and was able to completely rewire a gorgeous antique chandelier that I bought at a flea market! (Even when they sold it to me at the flea market, they told me it was gorgeous but probably impossible to fix and I would most likely be able to use it for show rather than function). Apparently, they did not know of the talents of The Lamp Surgeon. While in my apartment, he was also able to fix a halogen lamp that three other places were unable to fix.

Dear MUG,Re: "'Sincerity is the new irony' is the message of this T, which is beyond us to parse. Is it sincere? Or ironic?"

This teeshirt is actually a statement of New Sincerity, the philosophical movement that might be following post-modernism. (I say might because it's awfully difficult to identify a new philosophical movement while you're only a few years into it.) Although your commentary on the teeshirt might in itself be a comment of new sincerity, just in case I thought I'd send along a helpful explanation.

I just wanted to say thank you for suggesting Penske as opposed to U-Haul for moving. I used U-Haul last year, out of force of habit, and ended up getting charged reservation fees even though I cancelled prior to my pick up time. In other words, there was no 'leeway' and they weren't very nice. This time, I did a Google search to get U-Haul's info (again, force of habit) and your site popped up which brings us here, to my 'thanks'. The people at Penske were polite and helpful. Moving is stressful enough; I don't need more hassles from a company.

Loved your healthy guide — two great healthy places not included (for your next one?) — Babycakes, 248 Broome [Orchard/Ludlow] 212.677.5047, a gluten free bakery on the LES — so delicious you wouldn't know the real stuff is missing. Caravan of Dreams, 405 E. 6th [1st/A] 212.254.1613 — delish veggie food in the East Village. I never knew raw could be so tasty!

I was wondering if you might comment some time on airport car services inNew York. I've had a tough time finding a service that offers bothnon-maniacal drivers and courteous phone reps.

MUG replies: Alas, this falls into the Questions We Can't Answer category. As we wrote in that article: First, it just isn't reasonable to expect a car service to be less expensive than a cab. Second, even if you find a cheap car service that's good for a while, inevitably there will come a day when they let you down. Third, pickups at the airport aren't cost-effective for low-end car services, since you never really know exactly when you're going to be leaving baggage claim. Our advice: unless you or your company is paying for a truly reliable (and therefore expensive) car service, cab it.

My wife and I have a 7-month old baby, and were very concerned about the available options for rugs — old ones or new ones, they all seem to be among the most toxic offgassers around. Fortunately, through ECO we were able to order 100% organic, dye-free, untreated, hemp-backed wool area rugs from a company in Georgia called Earthweave. (They have a very nice website). The rugs look and feel fantastic, and were quite inexpensive. Paul at ECO has been a pleasure to deal with throughout, and even gave us a break on the shipping.

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