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"Cool video of how a new watertank is installed on top of a Chelsea hotel/construction site. Installation by Rosenwach Tanks, one of the oldest tank manufacturers. Every tank is still made by hand in their Brooklyn workshop and then installed in one day by a crew of six. This is taken from a German documentary on the subject."

Seize sur Vingt
I have to agree with the complainers…The salesperson was not focused on us, she was distracted and kept running off to take care of other things. She left us with some fabric sample books and then when we asked her for help selecting the appropriate fabric, she replied that she had no expertise in suit fabrics. But then why was she 'helping' us? Following our own experience which ended in us walking out, I spoke to several other friends who relayed similar stories of dissatisfaction with the service and general unhappiness with the attitude."

"The tailor…was absolutely charming and skillful…The three of us were served by Ricky. He was totally professional, patient and helpful with his advice. If the Seize sur Vingt crew has been rude in the past there has certainly been an attitude adjustment."

"Seize sur Vingt provides no service. I'm sure they are lovely once you get to know them. Something I have no intention of doing."

Congestion Pricing
"Contacted Mr. Silver. Love you guys for being so damn relevant."

"What really should be done is to build large inexpensive garages at the end of each borough (similar to a park and ride) and the ends of Manhattan for people to put there cars and then take mass transit…To charge people that can't afford it an extra $200 or so dollars a month is criminal. Maybe all of you want to chip in and pay for the people that are already getting charged too much for entering the 'mecca'. I truly think it is selfish on the part of Manhattanites to ask this of more than 3/4 of the population of New York City."
[MUG wrote back, "The point is to discourage driving and encourage public transit. To think that we can continue to pollute the atmosphere and to hell with future generations — that's truly selfish.]

Restaurant Websites
"I've been a subscriber for years and this is the lamest list ever. In my opinion no one cares about a restaurant's web site as long as it exists, they want to see a menu and other important info accessible and easy to find. You might be too techy to realize that others don't care about what web designers care about, the rest of us want info fast and simple. And really, Tao? Are you joking?"

Another response came from the blog Word of Mouth. Oh, well, if you're going to hold MUG up to scrutiny, forget it, we're hosed. We can dish it out but we can not take it. But we have to admit that author makes Peter Cherches makes some entirely reasonable points, if you're into that sort of thing.

Route 22
Chema Madoz

Barefoot Beach Rescue

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