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92Y's School of the Arts is where you can follow your passion day or night, huddled in the corner like the eccentric artist you are or flitting from painting studio to the Metalsmithing mavens, soliciting feedback for your wares. Pirouette into a frenzy or polish your pizzicato. And with some of the best working artists, musicians and choreographers in the business, you can be sure that you'll hone your skills like nowhere else in the city. Here's a sampling:

Jewelry I (Absolute Beginners)
Learn the basics of jewelry-making and create a sterling-silver ring, an object of jewelry with a bezel-set cabochon and a piece of jewelry of your own design.

Fine Jewelry and Stonesetting
Design your own pieces with precious metals and by setting stones.

Advanced Jewelry Techniques
Take your jewelry making to new heights. Work on innovating projects that will challenge your skill and skyrocket your technique.

Handbuilding and Wheel
Play in the mud! Join other ceramic enthusiasts for classes that range from social to skilled. Basic classes introduce fundamental handbuilding techniques, including pinch, coil and slab construction and wheel throwing to make bowls, vases, cups, plates and other vessel forms. Intermediate/Advanced classes assist you in developing personal work. Use of slips, glazes and surface decoration are covered at all levels.

Get Started: Drawing!
Absolute beginners are encouraged to start with this series, which provides a foundation for everything that follows… painting, figure drawing, architecture and more!

Jazz Combos
Explore the world of blues, standards and jazz tunes under the guidance of a professional jazz artist and educator.

Scoring to Picture
Learn the fundamental skills for composing and producing film music. Topics include spotting a picture, creating a musical structure based on visual images, styles of music composition and production, and analysis of traditional film scores. For the final project, create an original score to an excerpt of a feature film or documentary. A placement interview and basic knowledge of music technology and logic are required. To schedule an interview, call 212.415.5580.

92Y Glee with director Ann Hoyt
If you're more than a shower singer but not quite ready for American Idol, it's time to come to 92Y. Whether you're a natural Rachel (Berry) or more of a one-note wonder, a Brittany's Brittany or have two left feet, there's a place for you in 92Y Glee. Call 212.415.5580 to schedule an individual placement with Ann Hoyt on Sep 19. Performance on Jan 9.

Social Dance Parties
Salsa, cha-cha and tango your way into the night at 92Y with our sultry, swanky and super fun social dance parties. Singles and couples of all ages and levels welcome. A group lesson is held during the first hour of each party. Light refreshments add to the festivities.

Afro-Caribbean Dance
Experience joyous movements and intoxicating rhythms from Brazil, Cuba and Haiti with live drumming accompaniment. Classes include a strengthening barre and center floor warm-up and movement combinations traveling across the floor. Classes are ongoing. Start dancing today with class cards and view the current schedule.

Modern Dance
Our Hawkins-based beginner and open-level classes introduce students to the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through simple steps and movement phrases. The intermediate-level class helps students move through space with longer, more complex combinations. Classes are ongoing. Start dancing today with class cards and view the current schedule.

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