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NYC Map Portal
The best location finder is provided by the city. See for yourself.

Antique Maps
Argosy Book Store, 116 E. 59th [Park/Lex] 212.753.4455, has one of the most extensive collections of vintage maps anywhere, in all price ranges. Martayan Lan, 70 E. 55th [Mad/Park] 212.308.0018, carries very high-end antique maps and globes. Richard B. Arkway, 59 E. 54th [Mad/Park] 212.751.8135, sells top-of-the-line antique maps, globes, atlases, and voyage books.

We've been fans for a long time of John Tauranac's maps, since they're invariably clear, well-designed, and loaded with information both practical and enlightening—in short, everything city maps should be, but rarely are. Currently out are two books—his invaluable street atlas Manhattan Block by Block ($14.95), and a subway and bus atlas called Manhattan Line by Line ($12.95). 3 Maps in 1 ($5.95) combines streets and places of interest, subways, buses, plus a street finder. They're all available at Barnes and Noble.

New Yorkistan Shower Curtain
Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz created that New Yorker magazine cover 'New Yorkistan' for the December 10, 2001 issue, giving many New Yorkers their first laugh since the tragedy. Still amusing, now in shower curtain form, $35 at the Library Shop at the NYPL.

Central Park Map
An absolutely stunning map of the park is available from the Greensward Foundation $4 folded, $10 unfolded.

Best Map Website
Hands down, Oddens' Bookmarks.

NYPL Map Division
One of the undersung treasures of the city, the New York Public Library's Map Division has over 400,000 maps in its collection. The reading room is getting a makeover; the renovation should be completed by December.

Google Maps
The potential is clear in Google Maps, even if the beta version has a ways to go. The idea is that you type in, say, restaurants in New York City and up pop snappy map graphics with links.

NYC Bike Routes
Available for free download here.

Twice a year, Swann Auction Galleries, 104 E. 25th [Park/Lex] 212.254.4710, holds map and atlas auctions.

Pet Adoption Map
The Trails to Tails Map details the 70 animal shelter and rescue location in the city from which you can adopt a cat, dog, rabbit, or bird.

A beaut: Paul E. Cohen and Robert T. Augustyn's Manhattan in Maps (Rizzoli, $50), with 65 color plates of maps from 1527 to 1995.

Layered Maps
Urban Mapping's Panamap series (formerly known as Dynamaps) are unique in having layers: one for streets, one for subways, neighborhoods with landmarks. They're due in stores soon, $13.95.

Transparent New York
Cool stuff from the Skyscraper Museum. You can add and remove virtual layers (things like monuments and parks, farms, Dutch settlement, and subways) throughout various periods in the city's history. (Pictured)

Virtual Walking Tours
No graphics to speak of, but New York Songlines offers an interesting guided block-by-block tour of many nabes.

The Saul Steinberg Map
A View of the World from Ninth Avenue was on the March 29, 1976 cover of the New Yorker. The perspective seems exactly right to us—isn't it nice to know some things never change?
New Food Blog
Lovescool is a new blog with a sweet tooth: it's all dessert, all the time, and it's as joyous as it sounds.

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