arts 03.14.05

March Rain

By John Schenck

Warm as tears, a shower hoses ragged gullies in the park,
Forming deltas, photos of the Nile from orbit.
These topographical adjustments
Are winter's way of saying,
"Erosion goes on all the time.
That big black Lab peeing by the playground gate
Is making quite a canyon of his own.
These raindrops running down your cheek
Follow channels only tears could carve."

Soon the park will green again
The spidery black oak surprise itself
By waking up in April for the hundredth time.
Oh, to wake from winter, to unlearn its lessons,
To unfurl again, come into leaf, perennial,
To have a heart of oak.

Just one of many poems filled with grace by Mr. Schenck in his new collection The Millennial Pedestrian (Poems About Walking Around in Central Park and Other Places) (iUniverse, $10.95).
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