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Maui Jim Sunglasses

The name Maui Jim makes us think of cheap suntan oil, heavy on the coconut. Actually, they're expensive sunglasses that we think are worth the price. Here's why:

Many sunglasses offer at least some protect against UVA rays and glare. Your eyes, though, need more than some protection from UVA and that goes for UVB rays, too.

And it's not just the ultraviolets. Recent studies suggest that blue light, also called HEV (high-energy visible) radiation, poses an additional risk for retinal damage and cataracts. You want your sunglasses to absorb most of the HEV rays while allowing enough blue rays to maintain color balance—so you can still see color well and with correct depth perception.

Then there's glare, which comes at you from all directions: above (the sun itself), below (reflected surfaces), reflected from in front of you, and 'bounce back' from the sides and even behind you. Your eyes need a lot more TLC than $5 sunglasses you buy on the street can give.

Maui Jim began selling sunglasses in Hawaii thirty years ago, developing special technology (now called PolarizedPlus2®) to deal with the powerful sun, bright colors, and relentless glare of the islands. Their glasses block all UV rays, glare, and deal effectively with blue rays. They are also very comfortable to wear and they look good. MJs come in a variety of lens material, colors, rims, and nose grips.

Most styles are available in prescription lenses and they make a nifty sunglass/reader hybrid. Find a retailer here. Prices range from $149-$309. We think our eyes are worth it and yours, too.


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