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An outgrowth of Dan Harris' book of the same name, Ten Percent Happier is now an app that features Harris interviewing, with his usual charm and humor, respected meditation practitioners, followed by a series of meditations guided by the latter.

That Scottish burr makes Bodhipaksa immediately appealing, and his guided meditations are our go-to.

The Enlightenment District, comprised of Chelsea and the Garment Center, is home to many of the most popular meditation centers in the city:

Kadampa, 127 W. 24th [6th/7th]

MNDFL, 10 E. 8th [5th/Univ] and 239 E. 60th [2nd/3rd]

Modrn Sanctuary, 12 W. 27th [6th/Bway]

NY Insight, 28 W. 27th [6th/7th]

Shambhala, 118 W. 22nd [6th/7th]

Three Jewels, 5 E. 3rd [Bowery/2nd]

Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment by Robert Wright won't teach you how to meditate, but offers interesting arguments about why you should.


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