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The Greenmarkets, the gourmet stores, and even some of the city's supermarkets do a fine job of keeping those without weekend access to farm stands well stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the aforementioned carry the out-of-the-ordinary — the tamarillo here or the cardoon there — but if you really want to break out a bit and sample from hundreds of specialty produce items, have a look at Melissa's World Variety Produce,

You can find feijoa, jujubes, pluots, plumcots, sea bean, sapote, among a wide range of other fruits and vegetables. Many gift baskets are available and we'd love to be on the receiving end of the one-year exotic fruit club gift subscription: three pounds of cherimoya one month, six pounds of exotic bananas another, and so on throughout the year. That's $275, but there are many less expensive options.
While we're on the subject of veggies, our vegan friend had been raving endlessly about the vegetarian restaurant Gobo, 401 6th Ave. [Waverly/8th] 212.255.3242. We went just to shut him up, but he's right: the food is no exercise in deprivation; in fact, it's delicious.

Bolo, The Story So Far:

MUG (3/23/03): "If Hooters can have an airline, so can Bobby Flay. At least that seems to be the operating principle lately at Bolo, where coach food, unburdened by such things as discernible flavor and proper cooking times, is being offered at unflinchingly first-class prices (entrees average $28)."

NY Times (6/4/03) "Moving into its second decade, Bolo has rediscovered its youth, and, improbably, become fresher and more vibrant than the day it opened."

MUG (6/4/03): "Regarding William Grimes' three-star review of Bolo today in the Times: either Bobby Flay has gotten back to work there after our tough review in March or Mr. Grimes is a crackhead. We'll assume the former and look forward to a return visit. "

We'll be eating at Bolo soon. Meanwhile, if you've been there recently, we'd love your feedback: email us at

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