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Men's Shaving
Walking Off the Big Apple

There are old-timey and new-wave barbers in town, strop at the ready, ready to sharpen their blades and give you a seriously close shave.

Esquires of Wall Street, 14 Wall [Bway/Nassau] 212.349.5064
Originally financed by J. P. Morgan in 1932 and still a gentleman's redoubt.

Franks Chop Shop, 19 Essex [Hester/Canal] 212.228.7442
Straight-edge razor shaves, no frills, but free fireballs!

FSC Barber, locations in the West Village and the LES, photoshoot-worthy settings and staff, making whisker-removal cool.

NY Shaving Company, 202B Elizabeth [Prince/Spring] 212.334.9495
A newer business but old school all the way, a full line of products, and they offer a straight-razor sharpening service.

Electric Razor Replacement Parts

The Art of Shaving
With several locations in NYC (and all around the country), they're now the de facto standard-bearer of shaving products and services, including their 45-minute Royal Shave.

Their large line of shaving products are for sale, along with barber services at the Rock Center [Concourse #15] 212.582.8228 location.

Martial Vivot, 39 W. 54th [5th/6th] 212.956.2990. It's pretty here and all, but their Classic Shave is $95, the shave called The Shave is $150, which includes an eye mask, face mask, and a scalp massage. For that price, we think it should include a happy ending and a goodie bag.

Truman's, 120 E. 56th [Park/Lex] 212.759.5015
Shaves and other services for guys, in a red-blooded atmosphere. It's for true men, get it?

$2 Shave
Atlas Barber School

B Braxton, 1400 5th [116th] 212.289.3200
A stylish, updated take on a classic groomery, run by the enchanting Brenda Braxton, a stylish classic herself.

Paul Mol�, 1031 Lex [73rd/74th] 212.535.8461
Next year, Paul Mol� will celebrate 100 years in business; they're already the oldest barber in Manhattan and with good reason.

York Barber Shop, 981 Lex [70th/71st] 212.988.6136
The octogenarian York is a spring chicken next to Mol�, a worthy neighbor and a classic shop.

Best-Ever Attempted Use of Shaving Cream

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Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

Present in an Age of Chaos: The Ungovernables at the New Museum

The day before the public opening of the New Museum's 2012 Triennial, the museum's second iteration of its generational survey of young artists, a water main broke a few blocks from the museum, gushing water onto the street and creating a lake that temporarily flooded the intersection of the Bowery and Delancey. This literal rupture in the urban fabric halted the normal tidal flow of morning traffic, and it took workers a couple of hours to restore order. The unplanned breakdown and its accompanying visuals - workmen in hardhats tearing up the pavement, multiple police cars with flashing lights and helicopters surveilling the scene overhead - seemed an appropriate backdrop for the work displayed by the young artists inside the museum. This is their new normal.

Living in an uncertain epoch that teeters toward wholesale breakdown in the social and political order, the artists and collectives in the appropriately titled The Ungovernables display an unwillingness to serve as passive creative interpreters of their unsettling time. In assembling this diverse global collection of under-35 artists and bringing many to New York for the first time, curator Eungie Joo highlights artists whose work involves impermanence, resistance, and a well-researched ideological grounding. Action-oriented interventionists, purposeful and serious, devoid of cynicism and snark, these artists and their good works demand and ultimately earn our full attention.


[Image: Adri�n Villar Rojas, A Person Loved Me, 2012.]

Times Square (from 2010)

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