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Our most recent experience with Zipcar was a total fail.

The driver side door lock was broken. There was no gas in the car. The gas card was so bent it wouldn't work. The E-ZPass attached to the windshield had no funds on it, which we discovered, of course, at the tollbooth. (A belated apology to everyone stuck behind us, and thank you, Officer, for collecting our toll). The engine indicator light went on mid-trip. And later, on a Sunday night in the middle of nowhere, the tire pressure monitoring system indicator light went on. That is not good. When that happens, the book says, in essence, seriously, do not drive the car.

Now don't get us wrong, we love the idea of Zipcar and have championed it before. But a little competition would be good for them in these parts. Hello, Mint.

Same general idea, with a fleet of fuel-efficient cars, though a Mercedes C300 is an option, too. Gas and E-ZPass are included, as are 180 free miles per day (careful after that—a very serious 40¢-50¢ applies per mile). If you drive regularly, there are monthly plans available. By going to their offices (127 West 24th) and showing them your Zipcar card, they'll waive the annual $25 fee. And from now through June 1, economy car rentals M-Th, 8-5, are just $2 an hour. Day rates are $65-$95.

As noted with Zipcar, there are always going to be some bumps along the way. But Mint is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

MUG's monthly quiz. Answers will be posted on our website after 3pm.

Q: What's the name of Governor Paterson's wife?
a) Maddie b) Michelle c) Emmie
A: Michelle

Q: For what was Major Edward Bowes best known?
a) Cracking the Cambridge Spy Ring b) Inventing Marshmallow Fluff c) Hosting a radio talent show
A: Hosting a radio talent show

Q: This was founded by James and John Harper in New York in 1817. Annual revenues are now $1 billion. What's the company?
A: What is now HarperCollins

Q: Match the chef with the restaurant.
1. The John Dory, 2. Corton, 3. Convivio
a. Michael White, b. April Bloomfield, c. Paul Liebrandt
A: 1/b, 2/c, 3/a

Q: When did the Roosevelt Island tram begin service?
a) 1951 b) 1961 c) 1976 d) 1981
A: 1976

Q: A revival of Blithe Spirit starts previews next week starring Angela Lansbury, Christine Ebersole, and Rupert Everett. Who wrote the play?
a) Noel Coward b) Neil Simon c) Nell Carter d) Nile Rodgers e) Norman Gentle
A: Noel Coward

Q: If you're on Pennsylvania Avenue, what borough are you in?
A: Brooklyn

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