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Miramar Ski Club

Skiing was a whole different ball of ski wax when the Miramar Yacht Club in Brooklyn began looking for a winter sport in 1949. Highways to Vermont? No. Speedy chairlifts? No. Snowboarding? Right. Plenty of accommodations near the slopes? Uh-uh.

They decided to take up skiing anyway, in spite of these expected inconveniences (and some unexpected ones — since the club arrived en masse at a motel or inn, they inevitably taxed the plumbing and members were given demonstrations on how to shower using little water.)

Enough with the quickie showers. The newly minted Miramar Ski Club decided to buy an old grist mill (pictured) in Waitsfield, Vermont near Sugarbush and Stowe and convert it (using member volunteers) into a lodge with a couple of dozen bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and fireplace.

These days, the club (with over 200 members) pays for a bus driver, cook, and housekeeper, but still expects members to do some work to keep the lodge (and the club itself) running smoothly. Members are a diverse group in terms of age, athletic ability, nationality, marital status, et al. As one member told us, "The common bond is that we all love to play in the snow and we treat each other with respect."

Every Friday evening, their bus leaves from Chelsea for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding at Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, Stowe or Killington, as well as cross-country at Ole's and Mt. Mansfield. Annual dues are $150 (with $125 initiation fees for the first two years).
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