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Mmm…shiny. Want one.

Sony's 42" Plasma WEGA Flat Panel (KE-42M1) $3,499, is a knockout. It has a plasma screen with a crisp picture — and it's less than five inches deep. Yup, there's enough time between now and the game. Check these dealers.

Bang and Olufsen has stylish and especially comfortable earphones that make an ideal (if pricey) replacement for the ones that came with your iPod. B & O is at 927 Bway [21st] 212.388.9792, 330 Col [76th] 212.501.0926 , and 952 Mad [75th] 212.879.6161. They're $160 and they've been flying off the shelves.

Cell Phone
We've been Treo fans since, well, before the Treo phone/Palm was really any good. But its potential was realized with the 600 model and now, the 650 is out. The good news is that Cingular has introduced a GSM quad-band world phone, which means your phone will work in most countries. The bad news: the website Treonauts is reporting that palmOne has raised the unlocked GSM price overnight from $599 to $699, claiming the original price was advertised in error. Hey Palm, way to piss off the base!

Shiny vacuum? Mmm — the Royal PowerCast (MRY9200) is an all-metal upright with a HEPA filter, headlight, and attachments kit. Be warned, the machines are heavy, but this is as cool-looking as vacuums get, and their suction is superb. Check here for dealers. We've seen this model (on the web) for as little as $350, all the way up to $850.
Now through 2/6, over 6,000 pairs of shoes are up to 80% off at The Shoe Box, 1349 3rd [77th] 212.535.9615. Look for Sigerson Morrison, Marc Jacobs, Pucci, and more.

Want to get back to basics? Jones, 41 Greenwich [Charles] 212.255.3606. Nice owners and staff serving reliable steak, burgers, and mac and cheese. Moderate prices.

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