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John Ferdinand is the name of a stylish new Hong Kong-based jewelry line. The cufflinks shown here are made of ebony and sterling silver, plated with rhodium, to maintain the shine. $180.

A nifty idea: Glowbowls consists of a strand of nine bowls designed to hold tea lights—the wire which holds the bowls in place is nearly invisible, giving the impression that the bowls are floating. $120.
[via Design-Milk]

Regis Philbin is no Allen Ludden, but Million Dollar Password (premieres on Sunday, CBS, 8pm) mixes retro gamesmanship with the latest in shiny sets. Bonus: Betty White on an upcoming episode.

Phonofone II is His Master's Voice, updated. Attach your iPod earbuds and get your music amplified by this ceramic gramophone. $495.

Expensive but completely gorgeous: limited-edition 'bambu' glass vases by Laura de Santillana. $505. Available from Unica Home.

Here's the design for a Mumbai egg to go with your London gherkin.

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