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Money, Money

If you're like us, you're now stumbling toward the April 15th filing deadline. You're also wondering if there isn't a better way to deal with your finances head on…

Described as a user's guide to money, Money Basics goes through the fundamentals of getting, spending, and saving money (one of which we already know, thank you). Using credit, getting out of debt, and basic investment concepts are also covered. It runs three Wednesdays, beginning June 8, 8pm-9:50pm, $110, at the New School.

You could consider Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning the course to take after the prerequisite above. This one helps you understand tax structure, financial jargon, what's in a prospectus, how to get the most from your bank, the essentials of retirement and estate planning, and evaluate insurance needs. It runs Thursdays, 6pm-8pm, starting May 19 for eight sessions, $540. This NYU class takes place in the Woolworth building.

Well, for the 2004 tax year, les jeux sont fait, as the French say. But Tax Saving Strategies could prove to have been a help, at this time next year. One session, June 27, 8pm-9:50pm, $50. You'll learn what you can do to reduce your taxes with perfectly legal strategies, so you can keep more of your hard-earned cash. New School.

10 Things Women Should Know About Their Finances is the name of this presentation on Tuesday, April 19, 5:30-7pm at the Science, Industry and Business Library, 188 Mad [34th] 212.592.7000, no fee. It's part of a series called Finding Financial and Social Security, and other topics include: Getting Co-op Board Approval, Bond Basics, and A Practical Guide to Buying a Co-op, Condo, or House: Things You Should Know and Mistakes to Avoid.
Brand New Restaurants
Scott Conant, of beloved L'Impero, takes on the Alto Adige at Alto, 520 Mad [53rd] 212.308.1099. Restaurant of the year? From the sound of things, could be.

Smoked, 103 2nd [6th] 212.388.0388, brings finger-lickin' to the East Village.

Yumcha, 29 Bedford [Downing] 212.524.6800. A Jean Georges alum cooks Chinese (with French and other influences, of course). The name means 'drink tea' and Jin R (Zhang Jin Jie, owner, designer, and executive chef of Beijing's Green T. House) has created the unusual tea menu.

You take your lumpish thinking in the NY Post along with your daily dose of gossip. But Thursday's editorial Rebuild the Towers, by Nicole Gelinas, struck as monkey reasoning, with apologies to our monkey forbears. Ms. Gelinas opined that the WTC was "perfect the way it was" saying anything but the towers rebuilt would mean area workers would "always recall the original with longing." Now there's some sophisticated urban planning prowess on display. She also quotes Donald Trump, an enlightened urban planner himself, and arbiter of taste: "How could they replace [the WTC] with this monstrosity of garbled nonsense?" The writer says a poll conducted on MSNBC claims 80% of the respondents voted to rebuild the Twin Towers. Does that actually reflect public opinion in the city? Is MUG way off base here? We'd be interested in your take.

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