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Monkey Business

We're in the tail end of the Chinese year of the monkey, as the screeching and chest-thumping of recent political discourse reminds us. Some monkey do's:

Chimpanzees are at risk for extinction—there are likely no more than 105,000 living in the wild. Learn more tonight (6:30pm-8:45pm) at the Explorers Club, 46 E. 70th [Mad/Park] 212.628.8383, when wildlife photographer Kristin Mosher presents "Sokwe Mtu: A Photo Documentary of Gombe Chimpanzees," about the wild chimps living in Tanzania's Gombe National Park. Swahili speakers refer to the chimps as "Mtu," the word for person. Tickets are $15. More info.

Even if you've sworn off the Meatpacking District, you might like the new pub there called the Brass Monkey, 55 Little W. 12th [Wash] 212.675.6686, which is short on attitude, long on beer (20 taps).

"The Adventures of the Monkey King," a Beijing Opera starring Ghaffar Pourazar, is the appealing tale of a Buddhist monk's journey from China to India, and his travel companion: a monkey with magical powers. It will be performed at The Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, 566 LaGuardia Pl [Wash Sq S] 212.992.8484, November 11-13, 8pm. Tickets are $35. More info.

William Wayne, 850 Lex [64th] 212.737.8934 and 40 Univ [9th] 212.533.4711, sells tabletop items, furniture, linens, pillows, and rugs. A number of their items feature monkeys.

Espresso Bar
Monkey Royale, 175 2nd [11th/12th] 212.260.1620, from the owners of Bar Veloce, is an espresso bar with monkey wallpaper, a pinball machine, and great java.

Curious George
Curious George alarm clocks, bookends, and CG himself (in jaunty red shirt or adorable pajamas) are available from the Library Shop at the NY Public Library (with locations at the main branch, the mid-Manhattan, and the Schomburg). More info.

Native New Yorker
On September 3, 1972, New Yorkers welcomed Pattycake, (pictured), the first gorilla born in NYC. The daughter of Lulu and Kongo, she now has nine offspring of her own. How can you resist that face?
Frank Bruni awards four stars today to Per Se. We'd like to know what you think about the restaurant. Email us here.

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