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The 5 Senses
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Previously in this series, we went for laughs, listened to music, went off to the spa. Today, we work on the five senses. For more sensory input, check out the excellent blog Sense and the City.

Flushing has never looked so good. The same goes for rebar, shipping containers, and plywood, courtesy of Jan Staller, whose photographs are now on exhibit at ISE, 555 Bway [Prince/Spring] 212.925.1649. Staller reminds us that there can be surprise, even beauty, in the ordinariness of life, if you look, and look again.

Sound Corridors: Sound-Engaging Architecture is an event on February 12th, 5-10pm, at Roulette, 509 Atlantic [3rd Ave.] 917.267.0363, which shows off its newly-renovated theater and sounds off its special acoustics, with the help of sound artists. $10

Haptics is the physiology of touch and its application to things like technology. Brooklyn's Haptic Lab adds the personal touch to touch, creating—by hand—enormously appealing and gently tactile Soft-Map quilts of five world cities, including, of course, our very own. They do custom work, too.

Every art form needs its iconoclast and Christopher Brosius, the self-proclaimed perfume-hating parfumeur, in the end only hates uninteresting, overly familiar scents. Whether you want to summon a day At the Beach or Burning Leaves, the evocations through scent from CB I Hate Perfume are not like your standard-issue department store spritzers. And in spite of Brosius' crusty affect, who else would create a scent called Memory of Kindness?

There may be better olive oils in the world than Frantoio Franci's Villa Magra Grand Cru, but we've never tasted one. Artichoke on the nose, tons of pepper and desirable bitterness, beautifully balanced. Nectar. Available at Eataly, $33.80 for 8.5 ounces and, to our taste, worth every penny.

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