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More Cool NY Websites

Find a Grave
Leonard Bernstein is buried at the highest point in Brooklyn and other six-feet-under locations and lore.
Sushi NYC
Sushi and nothing but: restaurants, etiquette and a glossary to remind you of the difference between kaki and kani.
Oasis NYC
Mapping technology gives you zoomable bird's-eye views over the city.
Menu Pages
Menus from almost any restaurant in Manhattan you can think of, viewable on screen and in a printable format. Clearly assembled by obsessives (our kind of people).
Even if you're not into juggling, this site has delightful black and white pics of jugglers of the past century throughout its catalogue (plus Rola Bola balance boards for sale).
Strange NY
A peach tree by the FDR, the haunted house on West 10th and other oddities that make up the quiddity of the city.
The Morning News
An appealing mix of headlines, stories, New York musings, reviews, and fashion.
We can never get enough of Weegee's world.
As close as we're likely ever to come to a meal at the fabled, ever-elusive eatery. Sigh.
Yeah, yeah, hipster central and all that. But Billburg is also a model of a community website.
NY World's Fair '64
Warning: if you're into this sort of thing, you could spend insane amounts of time surfing this site. As we have. Also, info on the proposed Air and Space Museum.
Johnny Fox's Freakatorium
As they say, 'prepare to be amazed'. Fun.
Other Music
Even their categories make us happy: Groove, Then, Electronica, Krautrock, etc. Staff commentary on releases and downloads.
NYC Bloggers
A starting point for the intriguing world of public and often highly personal journals, with a range of subjects befitting the web. Look for blogs by Nick Denton and Howard Sherman (his is called Nuggets) among 2051 (at last count) others in the city.
Two more websites to add to the list: Mr. Beller's Neighborhood,, is, as they describe it, a magazine combined with a map. That means they use the map of NY as a kind of front cover that connects to various stories, reports and essays. The subjects are wide-ranging and fascinating, the writing invariably first-rate…For the lost souls who've become ex-New Yorkers, bookmark NY Castaways,, which connects these reckless individuals with New York and each other. A good site, but as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell sang, Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing.

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