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More Craft Classes

More arts and crafts classes. Check here for last month's roundup.

Starting May 12th for eight sessions, turn molten glass into bowls and vases. No experience necessary, the course guide says 'pyromaniacs welcome'. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-9:30pm at UrbanGlass, $710.

Fan Dancing
It may not be a resume enhancer, then again it might. Miss Dirty Martini occasionally teaches the art of fan dancing at the School of Burlesque. The next class is sold out but they hope to add more. Meanwhile, join the mailing list to get a heads' up on classes and events.

At the 92nd St. Y, Intro to Ceramics covers the basics in three 3-hour sessions, $170. Several sections, the first beginning Thursday, May 28th.

NYC Resistor, a hacker collective, has lots of open project nights as well as classes. The next class is Soldering 101, on Sunday, April 26th, 4-6pm. $45.

You'll end up with an end table and a mallet, the respect of your cohabitant(s), and some useful new skills, thanks to the Intro to Woodworking: Materials & Techniques class at 3rd Ward in East Williamsburg. The next available spots are in the section beginning May 3rd, four sessions, Sundays from 11am-2pm, $340, plus $110 in materials.

There's a wide range of offerings at Make Workshop, from jewelry design to batik to quilting. The next Decoupage class, two and a half hours, is April 24th. $80.

The Basics of Drawing is taught at the JCC on Mondays, 1:30-4:30pm, beginning April 20th, $380 for non-members. Your charcoals and pastels are included.

You'll have twelve embroidery stitches under your belt after the two-hour class at Brooklyn's Treehouse, April 16th, 6:30pm, taught by Cal Patch. Materials included, $50.

Herbal Soap Making
Learn the soaps at the Herbal Bear on Saturday, April 25th, 12:30-2:30pm, $85. You'll need safety glasses, an apron, and rubber gloves.

SAORI-style weaving is taught at Loop of the Loom. Beginners classes are held regularly every week. Each two-hour session is $45, plus materials.

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