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More Ways to Help

From a reader: "This was posted by one of my friends on Facebook — she and her family live on the Lower East Side (near the FDR). I thought it was a great idea."

Surely one of my friends has a connection to the burgeoning food truck industry or the green markets? Can you convince them to drive downtown? What about setting up a temporary farmers market in the heart of the blackout zone? Or an uptown supermarket selling bread from the back of a truck? People waited 4 hrs yesterday down here for a single MRE.

HopeMob has a campaign to help the NYC Rescue Mission, housing over 120 people, but in need of a generator, food, water.

Yoink, normally a crowdsourced site for neighbors giving things away, has set up a way for people to text for specific help: SMS 917.300.8912 with your zipcode and what you need. They'll post for you and text you if there's a match. If you have things to give (assuming you have access to electricity), go to the site where you can post the info. They're offering their site to help, but it's not an emergency service.

Help clean up City parks and playgrounds, today through Sunday. They also need volunteers at Hudson River Park.

Animals need help, too: The Humane Society, the ASPCA, North Shore Animal League, Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, A Cause for Paws, City Critters, Mighty Mutts, Stray from the Heart.

Well and Good NYC reports that NY Sports Clubs are opening their doors to anyone needing a hot shower, a workout, or a place to recharge their phone. Please bring a towel.

To receive text messages about Sandy Relief efforts, text @occupysandy to 23559. More at Occupy Sandy.

Brooklyn nonprofits should get in touch with the Brooklyn Community Foundation, which is mobilizing efforts to help.

As with many DUMBO businesses, serious losses at bookstore powerHouse Arena. They'll be holding a fundraiser to get back on their feet on November 17. Meanwhile, they welcome your donations.

Assist FEMA classify building damage (click on Help at top right of the site for an explanation).

NBC Sandy Telethon, tonight with Springsteen and other musicians.

More ways to help.

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