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A plate of mozzarella, basil, a drizzle of olive oil — everything else becomes just noise.

Make It
This Thursday from 6:30-8pm, learn how to make mozzarella at the Artisanal Cheese Center, 500 W. 37th [10th] 877.797.1200. $75. You get to take your handiwork home.

Upgrade It
Alitalia-ed to cheese shops and gourmet stores, buffalo mozzarella is the only Summa Cum Laude in its class. Back stateside, one American producer rounded up a herd of water buffalo, shipped them to Vermont, and Star Hill Dairy was born. You can find this home-grown mozzarella, as they say, wherever fine cheese is sold.

Send It
Mozzarella New York, a Brooklyn company, will send many mozzarella variations anywhere in the country. They do gift boxes, too.

Buy It
Corona Heights Pork Store, 107-04 Corona [108th] Qns 718.592.7350
DiPalo, 200 Grand [Mott] 212.226.1033
Joe's Dairy, 156 Sullivan [Houston/Prince] 212.677.8780
Swiss Spaghetti:
Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

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