info 03.8.13

MUG Becomes Reader Supported

Today, MUG becomes reader-supported. That support is entirely voluntary but if you MUG find useful, or interesting, or fun—or some combination thereof—we hope you'll kick in to keep it coming.

What's changed: no more advertising within MUG or as a separate 'dedicated' email. What hasn't changed is our policy of no money, gifts, swag or anything for editorial inclusion. No thank-you gifts. Nothing. When we say MUG is going 100% reader supported—we mean it.

Your contribution (not tax-deductible) will keep us growing, help us maintain and update the site, create new content, add new features, purchase hardware and software, plus provide that old living wage thing.

The plan is to do a pledge drive for the next week—a short encouragement at the beginning of the daily email for you to visit the I Support MUG page. We think we'll need to do two drives a year but we'll have to see how it all goes.

We love creating MUG every day for you and we're so grateful to have readers who are as passionate about this city as we are. We ask you to support MUG if you can.

Charlie Suisman

Times Square

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