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the skint

Once a year we run a MUG FAQ, a station identification of sorts, to let you know how and why we do what we do. As follows:

How do you pick your topics?
Everyone puts together their own version of the city—that's why we find New York so endlessly rewarding. You can be a culture vulture, foodie, sports maven, shopaholic, do-gooder, nature-lover (and all the rest) in any combination and in any proportion. Our mission is to reflect that, to look at New York from as many perspectives as we can, react to what's happening in the city, what you're talking about, what you're interested in, to give you information that will help you refine your own New York.

Do people pay you to write about them?
We accept nothing, ever, for inclusion in editorial. No free lunches, no cocktails, no swag, no fees, no samples, no gifts. We write about something if we think it will be of interest to you. Period.

But you take advertising.
We do, and we love our advertisers. We appreciate their support and hope you'll both read what they have to say and take advantage of their offers when something interests you. The old iron wall thing, though, between editorial and advertising applies to MUG, too. We don't think you'll ever find us writing about something because a company or institution has been an advertiser. If you ever catch us doing that, nail us.

What's a Sponsored Email?
Those emails, marked in the subject line and below the title of the article, are from our sponsors. You'll receive them in addition to the daily MUG email generally twice a week or less. We make sure that they always contain useful info and usually a good offer.

Do you accept advertising from everyone?
No, we'll never run an ad from a company about which we have reservations. For example, we'd never accept advertising from Home Depot, at least not until they clean up some of their troubling business practices.

What do you do with my email address?
Nothing, except send MUG to you. Your email address is never, ever shared with any outside company. We handle all the Sponsored Emails in-house so our subscriber list—your email address— won't end up in the hands of spammers.

Can I write to you with a specific question?
Sure, but we can't provide the kind of concierge service that some people would like ('I need a restaurant recommendation for an anniversary' etc.) We get dozens of requests for information every day, and as much as we want to help, if we did we'd never get MUG done. If you have a question that we think other readers may be interested in, we'll try to answer it in a future article.

How about tips?
We always welcome your tips, comments, suggestions, and complaints about businesses and services (or MUG).

Write to us at

Press reps can reach us at

If you're interested in advertising on MUG, email us at

Thanks as always for reading MUG.

Charlie Suisman

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

you want festivals? take your pick from the short film festival, dumpling festival, dumbo arts festival, new york gypsy festival and new york film festival.

fri-sun: 20+ historic homes and buildings open their doors for free tours and events. includes gracie mansion, little red lighthouse, more.

sun 11am-5pm: fun fact: the l.e.s. was an apple orchard farm in the 1700s, owned by a farmer named delancey. celebrate all things apple during nyc apple day on orchard st. bet broome + grand.

sun 10am-6pm: brooklyn's gigantic atlantic antic overtakes the ave with food, music and performances. plus free admission to the transit museum and brooklyn historical society. atlantic ave bet hicks + 4th ave.

most events during ny craft beer week are pricey, but you can still enjoy quality brews for just $3 each at bars across the boroughs with purchase of a $10 passport.


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