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MUG Going Forward

The first MUG was published, on something called paper, in May, 1992. It was, to the best of my knowledge, the first city newsletter anywhere. MUG developed a loyal following for what was then an eight-page monthly (three-hole punched!) publication and it had a good run through 2000, when printing and mailing costs finally proved too much.

But I missed it: I missed the research, sharing finds, hearing from readers. So, in 2003, MUG returned as a daily email and found our print subscribers back with us (as many are to this day) along with a whole new group of readers. I loved the immediacy of it—better suited to New York's pace and also the improved visuals. And let's be honest: the search bar was more efficient than flipping through pages held on by a three-hole punch system.

Competitors (and sometimes collaborators) focusing on local news and features came and went, among them: AOL's Digital City, the New York Times' New York Today, Citysearch and Daily Candy. With some improvements here and there, we've just kept on doing our thing.

In 2013, we did move from an advertiser-supported email to a voluntary, reader-supported model. That being the case, we owe you full transparency on our goal for the year and where we are. We need to raise $50,000 in 2015; this is the first appeal of the year but $7,100 has already been donated by our wonderful readers and supporters.

We love creating MUG. We want to keep it going, but it only makes sense if you want to keep it going, too. So whether you're a Loyal Supporter ($10 donation), a Major Fan ($15), a Groupie ($25) or a Bigwig ($50 or more), we appreciate each and every show of support.

Please take a moment now and support MUG in any amount. (Donations are not tax deductible).

Here's to another year of MUG!

Charlie Suisman

Fifty-fifth Street

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