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MUG Needs Your Support

Today is Giving Tuesday and normally we'd be encouraging you to support any number of organizations that do great work in New York, around the country and the world. For instance, we've been running Donors Choose campaigns since 2006 with a single-minded purpose: to get books into NYC classrooms. We're always so thrilled when MUG readers support those campaigns and today is as good a day as any to support Donors Choose.

The fact is, though, MUG needs your support, too. Many of you have donated generously this past year, so we'd like to make our case today to those of you who haven't yet supported MUG in 2015.

Since MUG started (on paper) in 1992, we've always put hand-crafted content first—carefully researched and reliable information on the widest range possible of subjects that we think will interest New Yorkers (as well as those who love the city from afar).

The reader-supported model which we now use means we have to pass the hat several times during the year to reach the $50,000 annually needed to sustain MUG. As this point, late in the year, we're only at $32,860, a serious shortfall.

As we always remind you, not only is there no advertising in MUG, our policy of no money, gifts, swag or anything for editorial inclusion has never changed. No thank-you gifts. Nothing. MUG is 100% reader-supported, end of story.

We love creating MUG every day for you and we're so grateful to have readers who are as passionate about this city as we are. Please take a moment today and support MUG.

Charlie Suisman

Lower East Side (from 2013)

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