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Hector on Stilts
A feature editor's bonanza: A group called Hector on Stilts. One of the duo (they add other musicians occasionally) is named Jeb. He's 6' 8" — but the band's not named after him. His grandfather was Anthony Quinn. Jeb's collaborator is his cousin, Clayton. Their fathers were founding members of Up With People, which has given the guys a sense of humor. More important than all that is the music (lullaby pop, maybe?) is seriously good. You can hear samples on their site, (click here for a stream of Winterland). HOS will be at Alphabet Lounge, 104 Ave. C [7th] 212.780.0202, this Friday at 9:30pm.

Alexander Archipenko
To the extent that a building can creep into town, the new Ukrainian Museum, 222 E. 6th [2nd/3rd] 212.228.0110, has done just that. But there's no reason for the stealth — it's a beaut. And their inaugural exhibition in this space, "Alexander Archipenko: Vision and Continuity," is first-rate. Mr. Archipenko, associated with the Constructivists and Cubists, created sculptures (and sculpture/paintings) that still seem utterly fresh today. The exhibition runs through September 4.

A is for Atlas, B is for Bagel, C is for Chrysler. You got a problem with that? Tawk to da lady ova daya. That's Joanne Dugan, who has recreated the alphabet primer using images of New York in the delightful book ABC NYC (Harry N. Abrams, $14.95). Ms. Dugan will be at the Columbus Circle Borders this Sunday, 2pm, to read from it.

The Dark Side of the Moon Show
Here's their elevator pitch: "A play about the cut-throat world of competitive real estate brokers, synced up perfectly with Pink Floyd's classic album, 'Dark Side of The Moon.' It's Glengarry Glen Ross, meets the Wizard of OZ, meets you, at age 17, getting high in your parents' basement." But here's the deal clincher for us: a free bag of Doritos to the first 20 people in the door. Doritos, dude! This Friday at 8pm (also 4/20 and 4/29) at the Upright Citizen's Brigade, 307 W. 26th [8th/9th] 212.366.9176, $8.
Turkey Lurking
A friend reports this morning: "So I got off the 9am ferry and was walking along Water Street to work and there was a turkey walking in the middle of Water Street. He's in the middle of the street, all by himself, walking west while we're all walking east. And here's the thing. No one seemed to think there was anything unusual about this. Not a single person pointed, nudged their friends. Nothing. That's my I Love New York story for today."

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