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Illustrators Nicholas Blechman and Christoph Niemann take on Evil (Princeton Architectural Press, $14.95, available in bookstores everywhere) in the most engaging way imaginable. Pen and ink drawings of evil shoes, evil furniture, evil toilets, evil pizza, with an introduction by the dastardly, if not actually evil book designer Chip Kidd. In the middle of things, Blechman and Niemann fight it out for a dozen pages with their own armies in a battle of evil versus evil.

At the New Museum of Contemporary Art, 556 W. 22nd [11th] 212.219.1222, Transmission II: Airborne, opening Saturday, in which nine artists explore the idea of wireless transmission. Paul Davies concocts a Prayer Antenna (pictured) to pick up signals from the gods. Mendi and Keith Obadike work with the Nigerian scam letters (which we wrote about here) and create an ATM where you can select a transaction such as withdrawal, deposit, balance, or generate your own scam letter. Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Davidson collect Last & Lost Transmissions — such as a disc jockey signing off for the last time or a sailor's lost plea. In all, lots of cool stuff.

Buster, Fifi, Bugs
Buster and Fifi are waiting for you this Saturday, noon-5pm, at St. Paul the Apostle Church, Columbus [59th/60th]: dogs, cats, and rabbits will be available for adoption, sponsored by the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. More on pet adoption here.

Doing some cooking this weekend? The Gourmet Oil Company's highly regarded Sinolea oil is on sale while they wait for the arrival of the new vintage. The 750 ml bottles are marked down to $25.

Josh Rouse
Entertainment Weekly on Josh Rouse (MUG loves Rouse and especially his latest CD): "There are approximately 2,138 white-guy singer-songwriters currently vying for your attention, and while they all seem like perfectly nice fellows, it's hard to imagine any of them topping themselves six albums into their career — a feat Rouse accomplishes with the persistently gorgeous Nashville. Songs like 'Winter in the Hamptons' and 'Middle School Frown' draw from both the Mac and the Moz, patching together Cali rock's orange-sunset warmth with Britpop's relentless longing. Somewhere, Nic Harcourt is having a glee-induced seizure. Grade: A-" Rouse is at Irving Plaza this Friday at 8pm, $20.
Ode to Candyland
Things have gone from bad to worse
On the site of hem and hose
Before the darlings take on verse
They should try to master prose

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