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Guaranteed smart talk from Jared Diamond, winner of the Pulitzer for his book Guns, Germs, and Steel. This Sunday, January 16th at 7:30pm, he'll be at the 92nd Y. He's been thinking lately about what he calls 'ecocide' — societies that suddenly collapsed. Easter Island, Crete, the Mayans, and the Anasazi in Arizona will be discussed.

Little Giant, 85 Orchard [Broome] 212.226.5047, open since last fall, has been earning growing praise from those who've discovered it. Aptly named, it's small in size, big in heart and talent.

Resident choreographer for the NYC Ballet, Christopher Wheeldon, gives an hour-long talk and demonstration aimed at children about different national dances that are part of NYCB's repertory. Some kids will get to go onstage as part of the event. It takes place on Saturday, January 15th from 11am to noon at the NY State Theater at Lincoln Center. $12. Tickets.

The Booker prize-winning Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, now in paperback (Random House, $14.95), is a series of six interconnected stories — the novel telescopes from the past, to the present, to the post-apocalyptic future, then doubles back on itself. A brain scrambler, written in completely different styles and voices, at times funny, almost invariably compelling, and finally moving.

Opening tomorrow, an exhibit of new, large-scale paintings from Robert Rauschenberg, part of his Scenarios series. They'll be on view at Pace Wildenstein, 534 W. 25th [10th/11th] 212.929.7000, through February 5.

Jeffrey Aronoff, 153 W. 27th [6th/7th] Suite 400, 212.229.0077, is selling his hand-woven chenille scarves and throws at 50% off retail, now through the end of the month. Tu-Fr 11-7, Sa 11-6. Cash only.
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