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Head's Up
We try not to bandy the word 'genius' about too much (we've used it only three times on this website). But Sufjan Stevens? Genius. The singer, songwriter, and musician (pictured), who has insanely committed to writing an album about every state in America, is creating a portfolio of alternative music that's so endlessly and fearlessly inventive (not to mention sometimes so breathtakingly gorgeous), that he is, all by himself, the bracing antidote to the American Idol mediocrification of popular music. He'll be performing next month at Bowery Ballroom on August 19, 20, and 21 ($15). Saturday night tickets are gone, but Friday and Sunday are still available.

Beach Read
Need an engrossing beach read? There's the jam-packed sci-fi/thriller (in this case, the written equivalent of a popcorn movie) by the mysterious author John Twelve Hawks (his one line bio: "John Twelve Hawks lives off the grid.") called The Traveler (Doubleday, $24.95).

Wave Farm
The arts organization free103point9 has inaugurated the first season of performances and exhibitions at Wave Farm, their bucolic, 30-acre upstate retreat about two-and-a-half hours north in Acra, NY. Tomorrow night, "Campfire Sounds."

Cool Off
…with the Classic Liquid Cold Chocolate drink from Chocolate Bar, 48 8th [Jane/Horatio] 212.367.7181.

The Ted Baker blow-out sale runs through 7/30. Men's shirts were $145-$295, now $50-$95. Woman's silk halterneck top originally $125, now $25. They're at 107 Grand [Mercer] 212.343.8989, open daily.
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