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Once you get past the fact that it's Andy Griffith, Elia Kazan's "A Face in the Crowd" from 1957, about an unlikely man becoming an instant celebrity, seems far ahead of its time. This Saturday at 4pm, MoMA.

Opening Friday at 6pm at the Drawing Center, 35 Wooster [Broome/Grand] 212.219.2166, is an exhibition of Zoe Keramea's drawings and paper constructions called "Geometry of Paradox." Geometry may have blown your GPA in school; in Ms. Keramea's hands, it may blow your mind a little.

Hear one of the city's better, if lesser known orchestras, the One World Symphony performing Mozart and Tchaikovsky this Friday, 8pm, at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn Heights. $20, 718.462.7270 for more info.

At the Bryant Park Reading Room, 42nd [5th/6th] on Saturday, noon, join Maya & Miguel Santos from the animated series (on PBS Kids Go) for reading, games, and a singalong. Ages 4-10.

We wrote about The Bad Plus in 2003 — "jazz fans are buzzing about the new release…and it's easy to see why: startling syncopations and a pulsating vigor…" Hear them at The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard [Bway/Church] 212.219.3132, tonight at 8pm, $20.

Head's Up
David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell host an evening of readings from Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules, a collection of short stories edited by Mr. Sedaris. Lorrie Moore, Charles Baxter, Akhil Sharma, and Joyce Carol Oates (and some surprise guests) will read. Proceeds go to the 826NYC writing labs for kids. It takes place on July 5, 8pm, at the Great Hall at Cooper Union, 7 E. 7th [3rd]. Tickets ($20) are available here or at 212.270.4200.
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