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Mrs. Robinson, of course, and Annie Sullivan. But we always grin helplessly when we recall Anne Bancroft's wickedly funny performance as the Polish theatre star Anna Bronski in her husband's remake of "To Be or Not To Be." Especially choice: surrounded by Nazis, Bancroft's feigned surprise that she is standing in front of a piano ("Oh, a piano!") and her rendition, with Brooks, of "Sweet Georgia Brown" in Polish. Our pick for a weekend rental.

Reza Aslan (pictured, left) is the author of the recently published No god but God (Random House, $25.95) which examines the religion of Islam in historical context. Superbly, even engagingly, written by a brilliant scholar hip enough to have been on The Daily Show.

Ain't nobody wails like Chaka Khan; she's raised it into an art form. But when the great one goes all quiet, ("Love Me Still") it's equally thrilling. There are a few seats left for her concert this Sunday, 7pm, at the Apollo, 253 W. 125th [AC Powell/F. Douglass] 212.531.5305.

An IMAX-sized peak into another world, "Wild Chimpanzees" is a film that looks at Jane Goodall's extraordinary work with chimps (pictured, right) in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park. Forty-two minutes of enchantment daily at the Museum of Natural History, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm.

Every year, Racine, Wisconsin turns from a mild-mannered town into a prom-obsessed nutcase. It's been documented in "The World's Best Prom," showing this weekend at the Pioneer Theater, 155 E. 3rd [A/B] 212.591.0434. The first two shows are sold out, but they've added a third screening on Sunday at 3:30pm.
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