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The Frank and Joe Show consists of guitarist Frank Vignola and percussionist Joe Ascione, and they cook up a jazz show that draws from all kinds of influences, likely and unlikely, jazz and not: Django Reinhardt, Cole Porter, Mozart, and the Boswell Sisters. (Have Mozart and the Boswell Sisters ever been in the same sentence before?) Anyway, they're at Sweet Rhythm, 88 7th Ave. S. [Grove/Bleecker] 212.255.3626, on June 13 and 27 at 8pm and 10pm, $15 cover plus $10 minimum.

Those sly boots at Gothamist scooped us on this one. But we love this comedy gang so much, we're running it anyway. If you don't know that the photo shows Edith Prickley (Andrea Martin), have we got a treat for you. And if you do know that that's Edith Prickley, have we got a treat for you. Just released is the 5-disc, boxed set SCTV DVD ($89.98, though amazon is selling it for $62.99). We've always thought that Second City TV was the best sketch comedy show ever on television. In addition to Ms. Martin, the cast includes Catherine O'Hara, John Candy, Eugene Levy, and Joe Flaherty.

The London Times called "Monster," Dylan Moran's one-man comedy show, "absurd; touching; utterly daft and wonderfully funny." The London Evening News wrote, "He takes you on an unpredictable journey that flows from surreal fantasy to acerbic observation via linguistic gymnastics and flashes of the sublime." Mr. Moran is at the Village Theatre, 158 Bleecker [Sullivan/Thompson] 212.253.0623, now through July 3. Tickets are $30 and $35, available at the box office or Ticketmaster.

Kings and Queens, assembled by David Boyer, is an oral history spanning 70 years of how gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students experienced their high school proms. Read more here.

Sam Sifton gave the new restaurant Ixta, 48 E. 29th [Park/Mad] 212.683.4833, a sniffy Diner's Journal in the Times: "The menu runs to tricked-out versions of Americanized Mexican food—not so much Americanized Mexican food as Mexican food as served in Mexican hotels, for American tastes." Two food writer pals write in, though, that chef Linda Japngie's food "rocks." That's good enough for us.
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