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BBC broadcaster and writer Frank Delaney has a new book Ireland, a Novel just out. (HarperCollins, $26.95). While it touches on many of the major moments in Irish history, the framework and approach are drawn from the fiction writer's bag: it is 1951 and a man myseriously emerges one winter's evening, calling on a family to seek food and shelter for the night. In exchange, he will ply his trade of Seanchai, or traveling storyteller. And thus the book begins.

The Pier Antiques Show is this weekend at 12th Ave. [48th-55th]. Admission is $15 and hours are Sa 9-6, Su 11-6 for Pier 90, and Sa 10-6, Su 11-6 for Pier 92. Generally speaking, Pier 92 has the fancier merch of the two.

Pop, folk, jazz, Latin, house/trance/techno/etc. — "Everything But the Girl" has morphed through these genres over the years and still kept their madly devoted fans (including us — the only fan letter we ever wrote was to EBTG). So the name of their new compilation "Adapt or Die" seems especially apt. In it, remixes of "Five Fathoms," "Walking Wounded," and a dozen others. A reminder that no one sings melancholy like Tracey Thorn.

Still time to see "At the Crossroads of Desire: A Times Square Centennial," a captivating photographic journey back through 100 years of the area. Through March 26 at the Axa Gallery, 787 7th [51st] 212.554.4818. Free.

Woody Allen's new pic "Melinda and Melinda" opens exclusively at the Lincoln Plaza Theater tomorrow. See the trailer here. Tickets here.

Ticket Heads Up
Hey, what's in the water up there? Canada seem to be producing an inordinate number of excellent indie bands these days. Case in point, Stars, which has a new CD called "Set Yourself on Fire" on the Arts & Crafts label (Broken Social Scene, Feist, Jason Collett). They'll be at Bowery Ballroom on April 27 ($17). If you want to catch them, get your tickets now.

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