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Red Hook gets a new saloon called Moonshine, 317 Columbia [Woodhull/Rapelye] 718.422.0563, with a pool table, beer garden, and serious jukebox. It opens tomorrow night at 8pm (for the opening, draft beers are $2 and hotdogs are free).

Extend the weekend a bit and catch "Jackie Hoffman Live at The Public Theater: The Kvetching Continues" on Monday, May 24 at 9:30pm. Sample review: "endearingly bitter, explosively funny…" Tickets are $20 here or at 212.239.6200.

From May 21-28, dozens of the city's retailers will be giving a portion of proceeds to the Fund for Public School to support the purchase of books for K-3 classroom libraries. The program is called Shop 4 Class and retailers include Saks, Borders, J & R, and ABC. (A complete list is here.) As you may remember, MUG made an appeal for help to get books into schools, from which we received many generous offers. We're working to create a Book Blitz day this fall and we'll let you know about it when we've got all the details.

"Control Room," the documentary about Aljazeera, opens on Friday. The film's website is pretty cool.

Two openings, right near each other, worth checking out tonight: Skorch, 2 Bond [Bway/Laf] 212.529.0500, from 6-9pm, shows paintings, sculpture, and photography from 10 new artists…Down the block, from 6-8pm, HDC Gallery, 30 Bond [Laf] 212.533.1817, presents "Fake Rolex." It's a group exhibition that documents "the duration of time in the artistic process."

Reason to Live:
David Sedaris' new book, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (Little Brown, $24.95) is due out June 1.
Questions about MUG:

Q. I understand you have a MUG book out. Should I buy it?
A. No. Seriously, no. It was written almost 10 years ago and is now well past its expiration date.

Q. I'm a press rep. Can I send you releases?
A. Absolutely. Releases and info are always welcome. The subject should have some connection to NY. Email us here.

Q. I'm not a press rep but I have a tip for you.
A. Yes, please! MUG is eternally grateful for your scoops and discoveries. Email us here.

Q. I have a business I'd like listed on MUG. How much do you charge?
A. Nothing, ever, for editorial coverage. We're happy to have info about your business but there's no guarantee we'll write about it. Email us here.

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