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See Eminem's new video Mosh, if you haven't already and even if you aren't among his usual audience. It's a salutary sucker punch, a transcendant piece of agitprop.

Chocolate Genius (aka Marc Anthony Thompson) performs at Joe's Pub this Sunday at 9:30pm. Four solo albums to his credit, he's also collaborated with Meshell N'degcello, Cibo Matto, and Philip Glass, which gives you a sense of his range. Great live performances, too.

Before you pull the lever on Tuesday (or touch the screen, as the case may be), read Philip Roth's The Plot Against America (Houghton Mifflin, $26). It's about another time, but not about another place. Painful, page-turning, and revelatory.

Today and tomorrow, 10-7, those cool Brit shoes for women, Irregular Choice, are on sale from $40-$150, at 88 Showroom, 53 E. 19th [Park] 3rd flr.

Voices of Iraq is both a documentary and an amazing feat: the producers distributed 150 digital video cameras to Iraqi teachers, doctors, cops, kids, insurgents, and let them direct and talk. From 450 hours of footage, that rarest of sounds: the voices of Iraqis, voices that have been nearly absent in our own discourse on this so-called "catastrophic success." At the Sunshine Cinemas, starting tomorrow, 143 E. Houston [2nd] 212.358.7709.

Going for a Drive
Going for the golds, and reds, and oranges….Where to leaf peep.
Louie, was a genuinely beloved fixture for 25 years at Joe Jr.'s in the West Village. Elias Vassilakes, as he was rarely known, died two weeks ago at age 55. The Villager has a tribute.

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